Sunday, March 13, 2011


A short shift at work finally :) Was beginning to get used to the ten and twelve hour monsters! A good few "Ducking Cumu's" in today, and yet somehow we managed to drop four glasses of OJ over the child of one of the few pleasant customers we had. (a tray full of glasses. I promise we didn't drop all four individually.) The kid was fine, if a little sticky and a wasp magnet for the afternoon.
Took off after work and headed down to visit dad. Spent the afternoon faffing about drinking wine and eating good food. Finished up this evening with fresh fruit and ice cream drizzled with "Holy Plum Sauce." Or, the stewed juice of the plums from St Patrick's. Dad's thinking of making more next year and selling it as a fund raiser. I have suggested my brother help out and we make it "The Father, The Son and The Holy Plum Sauce, Ltd." Suspect we'd have a few complaints though. Either that or accidentally start a whole new branch of fundamentalists...
Picking up my horse tomorrow morning. Looking forward to seeing him again, though a little worried. The last time I saw him he'd lost a lot of condition and I upped the payments I was making to the guy looking after him on the condition he was fed more. The guy told me he was looking better and picking up weight, but dad's now saying the horse looked awful when he went to visit last week.
It's been too long being so far away. Glad I'll have him back with me from now on. Hope he's ok!


  1. oh, i hope your horse is ok. i know when i was away i left a horse with friends and was horrified by the state of him when i returned. it's so hard to have them where you can't visit often :-\ hopefully he's doing better.

    (and ps- i love the name for the sauce! and hey, if it sparks another bizarre cult, all the better ;-)

  2. Thanks Jme! I only just realized I had a comment, maybe I should get the email alerts?

    Harry's doing really well, putting on weight and getting more interested in life- He's actually trotting round the paddock now and showing off for the mare next door :)

    He's had his feet trimmed and they look 100x better (actually surprisingly good considering what they looked like before hand!

    I'm still feeling really guilty about not realizing how bad it had got, but so, SO glad to have him back with me again.

    (I think dad could really make some money of that plum sauce, it was really very good! And I guess if it caused a religious uproar... well, any publicity's good, right?)