Friday, November 20, 2009

Equine Touch and Riding lessons

So, It's been ages since I last posted, And I have heaps to catch up on.
First, I passed my Level 2 Equine Touch! Hoorah! Karen was particularly pleased by the time I gave the horse (Harry) to process everything between moves, and also picking up on what I needed to work on, ie, picking up back legs and resting the hoof on my thigh while working over the sacrum and in the groin area. I'll be round at RDA lots next week to practice that.

Also, I've just had my third riding lesson and my God, the improvements! I'm really pleased with myself.
When I started with the lessons we did an hour of walking, with some trot. Just getting to know the horse I was on, and a way for the instructor, Rebecca, to get to know me.
Second lesson was much more trotting, some work without stirrups and a few trotting poles.
This lesson we did trotting with no stirrups, then no reins, then no reins or stirrups and posting without stirrups (yes, my thighs are killing me!) And then we moved on to trotting poles, cavalletti (raised poles) and a small jump and some canter work.
All in all I am exceedingly pleased with how fast I'm improving :) Ah, the difference having my own horse makes! Plenty of time to practice between lessons! Hoorah!