Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Farce Moments

This morning was one. Well, several really.
Was reading last night when I suddenly realized it was 3.30am. Whoops. Decided to go to sleep at that point and slept well until awoken by my flatmate stealthily preparing for work at 6am. Got up around 8, went and did horsey bits and peices. All was going well until I got home and sat down for a minute.
Next thing I knew I was awoken by the cat vomiting noisily in the hallway. Leaped off the bed to throw her outside and caught sight of the clock: 11.35. I was due at work at noon. Crap. Still covered in horse hair, hadn't eaten, cat vomit ALL over hallway. Crap.
Cleaned up cat sick, jumped in the shower and realized I did a load of washing last night and due to my impromptu nap I hadn't hung it out to dry. As such I had no towel. Wandered damply around the house to find one. Put toast on. Went to get dressed and realized I somehow managed to put BOTH sets of work uniform in the same load of laundry I had failed to hang out...
Put on wet clothes. Ate toast. Cycled to work.
Limped tiredly through day. Laughed at myself a lot- Only I can do this shit to myself. Some days I think I have my life under control and everything works out so well. Other days... well.
Left work after nine hour shift. Arrived home to find party in full swing. Sat down for several glasses of wine and taught 14yo daughter of a friend to play Metallica: Nothing Else Matters intro. Oddly, her parents want me to teach her more "Classical guitar." Whoops.
The party has moved on to town now (its TUESDAY. Where the hell is open at this time of night? morning? ) so I am going to bed. I think I deserve it at this point!

Does anyone else have days like this? Where you just have to laugh at yourself because you've completely lost your grip on life? I find if I laugh it off I can get it back under control in about an hour of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, phone calls, writing lists etc. If I freak out and start having nightmares about drowning I have to take a day off and work my butt off to get sorted out.

Being organised takes Waaaaay too much effort... but if the alternative is to live like this perpetually... well I guess I'm gonna have to make the effort. It's getting better. One day like this a month is a whole lot better than the 29 days a month I used to live this way. Thank God for growing up...

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