Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dec 19

So long as nobody asks me if I'm ok, I will be fine at work tonight. Isn't it amazing how strong you can be, until someone puts a hand on your shoulder and says, "Hey, are you ok?" And suddenly all your carefully constructed bright smiles fall by the wayside and you're biting your tongue trying not to bawl your eyes out. God forbid someone actually gives you a hug!

Willis has just come and stuck his tongue in my ear to cheer me up. Love dogs, but really, their methods are pretty unorthodox! Effective though. He's a sweet beast really, even if he does slobber a lot. Comes with being a bull mastiff I guess.

So, started at three in the afternoon. Got ten minutes to eat dinner standing up, with half an eye on the bar around 1700 and a five minute break at 2230. Closed the bar, cleaned up and had a whiskey around two, and then got on my bike and cycled home. Nearly shat myself when a flock of sheep jumped out of nowhere and ran across the road in front of me! At least it was cooler biking home than it was when I went in to work, it was 32 degrees this afternoon.

Think whatever wake up that bike ride gave me is wearing off, 0300. Time to go to sleep.

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