Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dec 23

Why do people think I'm mad? Really, what's wrong with WANTING to bike home at midnight? It doesn't bother me in the slightest but everyone else gets worked up and worried as fuck and I don't get it at all.

Good night at work. Eventually everything dropped off til there were only a dozen or so people drinking and a couple of kids hanging about. I had a paper plane making competition with an 8 year old. I won and then his parents gave him shit about being beaten by a girl. Bugger. Still, I taught him how to make the plane, so maybe he'll win next time.

Sat down and had a few whiskeys with the last couple of people there and Janine was hard out stressing about how I was going to get home as Wendy and Anne dropped me off without my bike today. I kept going, "it's only ten K, I'll walk, it's all good!" Apparently that's not good enough. They tried to give me the van to drive home but Christmas eve with no license and a third whiskey I probably shouldn't have had as I didn't have dinner. Actually... I think all I ate today was a banana and a six inch sub at about half eleven. Hmmm no wonder I feel a bit pissed... Anyway, driving didn't sound like a good idea.

Eventually Steve lent me his sons bike and Janine gave me a massive torch to take with me as there were no lights on the bike. Didn't need the torch. The moon was huge and orange and hanging on the horizon and it lit up the dirt road like a highway. Got half way up the gravel road (so about 7 K) and saw headlights behind me. Pulled over and stopped and Nicole pulled up with Wendy and Anne, pissed as newts and laughing like drains out the windows. Left the bike in the bushes and got a lift the rest of the way.

Got back to the house to discover Wendy's new four wheeler has arrived. She got all excited and wound the dogs up no end, "Look at my new bike Willis! Look! Come up here!" Finally got some use out of the torch spot lighting the dogs. Laughed my ass off. We woke the olds up and they were out in their dressing gowns and pissing themselves at Wendy being so excited. Like a kid at christmas haha! I guess that's exactly what she is.

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