Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunny Wednesday Morning

Turned into blustery Wednesday afternoon when I went to see Harry. I'm sure the weather does this to me deliberately, it's just thinking, "let her chill out in the sun, and do the laundry and hang it out... and when she leaves the house to do something fun... Turn up the wind chill factor and threaten to rain. *insert evil laughter* "
Despite the weather misbehaving Harry and I had a nice ride. His feet are still tender on the gravel and the road, so we're looking for longer grass stretches without low hanging trees. Had a trot on the way home for the first time since I've had him back :) Feels good to be making a bit of progress!
We got back to the paddock and did a few carrot stretches- minus the carrot. It's a little more complicated to make him do it this way, but we got there eventually. Then we just chilled out and had cuddles. I love that he's such a snuggle bunny. I can bury my face in his neck and stroke his forehead and we both just stand there totally relaxed and breathing each other in...
This is why I own a horse...

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