Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Tuesday, Again.

So once again I headed out at a reasonable hour (10.30am) to do reasonable things (feed my horse, poo pick the paddock, do a bunch of ET sessions in Cromwell) and once again I am home unreasonably late. Though, at least it is still today. Wound up drinking cider and taking a random road trip to Wanaka for dinner. Got roped into a quiz night (the dude had the most amazingly freakish hair. We thought he'd have personality to match!) but were bored rigid and buggered off home again. Hence it is 10pm and I am home again.
Is this an improvement over last week? I'm not sure.
In the mean time, Harry continues to gain weight (as do I! Damn having a drivers license! All that cycling was good for me!) and is looking much improved now he has had his feet done also. The trimmer commented his front feet were in good shape, especially for a thoroughbred. Personally I think his hind feet are better, particularly his white foot, the heel has de-contracted considerably, the frog is tough and of all four feet it has the most concavity. The two front feet are still quite flat, though the soles are beginning to shed. If the weather is nice tomorrow I will take him for a ride and see if we can't hurry it along. Wish I had a camera and could take photos of his progress!
Adore having him back with me again, though I'm still freaking out a bit about how I'm going to keep him fed now my hours are being cut back. Thankfully I am making headway in my case studies and should be qualified soon! Huzzah for some extra cash! Not to mention a job I love :)
Soooo Life is good, but would be better with ooooh.... maybe an extra $10,000? Stuff it, if I'm dreaming I want to win the $29million lotto's up to this week.

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