Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Indian Summer

Wonderful weather the last few days. Had the best ride yet with Harry on Monday. Up the gravel road by his paddock and then down to the equestrian center where we met up with some friends and cruised around the race track a few times. I've never had him on a racetrack before and wondered if his racing past might come back to him but no, we cruised happily around calmly even when the pony with us was throwing tantrums and chucking his rider. Oh dear...
We had our first canter as well and for the first few strides it was lovely and flowing and up hill and OMG Harry where have you been hiding that??? And then I think I interfered. Damn my riding... and we went back to down hill cantering into the ground. At any rate, I know he has it in him and it's my job to sit back and stop getting in the way! I was thrilled anyway, and Harry was glad to have company and to go forward a bit more. Think he is getting sick of endless walking but I feel mean if I ask him to do more on his still sensitive bare feet. They are getting better though, and he's now just slow on tarmac, not head bobbing lame as he was right after getting his shoes off. The quality of the horn and the concavity of the soles is much improved also. Looking forward to seeing what the trimmer has to say when he comes back :)

Yesterday I met up with a few locals at 9am and drove down nearly to Beaumont. The tops came off a few beers before we even got there, and that trend continued most of the day as we kayaked down the Clutha to Clydevale. We arrived home just after 6pm. A fantastic day in amazing scenery with excellent company. Couldn't ask for better. Check out Clutha River Cruises- the company in charge of the kayaks. I think the guided tours don't involve quite so much alcohol though... We had the advantage of taking a local vinyard owner with us- he provided several bottles of wine so every now and again we'd line up all the kayaks and refill our glasses as we floated past blazing yellow poplars and deep green native beech forest. Brilliant.

Today I am feeling rather the worse for wear, but the weather is fantastic and I want to get out and about with Harry again :) Also, I have banana cake to make.

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