Monday, April 27, 2009

Beautiful Day

Today was lovely, not a cloud in the sky, gentle breeze, moderate temperature. My first thought on remembering I had the day off from class was "fantastic day for a ride" I then sat up. And yelped.

See, I used to laugh at mum when she complained about bicycle seats... I can't anymore. Those bruises hurt! and the bike is the only way out to the BBB. So of course, like any good student, I procrastinated. I'm learning to do that in a slightly more productive manner these days. So I cleaned the stove and did the dishes and tidied the bedroom and re-wrote my CV and went to find myself a job.

I've been awfully lucky in that I live in a country where grazing is cheap. And even more so if your almost mother in law owns 14 acres. So It's been cheap so far. But feeding out in winter is not going to be that easy. And the $170 a week the government gives me to study is not going to feed both of us easily. Bills total $155 a week, inclusive food, grazing, power, rent, internet, insurance etc. So an extra hundred a week wouldn't go amiss.

Sad thing is, I had a job when I bought him. I'm just not a fan of bosses who ask you do do illegal shit. Not my cup of tea. So I left. Now I need a new one, and hooray for the cafe down the road that's hiring!

So now its getting dark, and BBB's fed and I'm not going to ride. Cos my ass hurts. DAMN IT!

...I don't suppose he minds though...

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