Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, today there was no heat in the foot and the BBB didn't seem as sore. Not sound... just not lame either. Probably got sore muscles from limping around the place for a week. At any rate, I couldn't see that it had actually blown out, so we soaked and walked again anyway. Can't hurt right? And if it had blown out and I was just being blind the salt water would have helped anyway.

Have learned since that abcesses sometimes do just disappear on their own. Glad to hear it, I might get to ride this week! Hoorah!

At any rate, we walked about ten meters down the road and hey, there's a digger reversing off the back of a truck! Fun fun! Yes, I own a TB...

Thankfully, the BBB is the most wonderful TB in the world and didn't turn a hair. Had a good look and walked a little quicker. That was the extent of his reaction. I really do *love* this horse! The last TB I knew went off his rocker standing in cross ties, or standing on a lead. The one thing I didn't want, when looking for a first horse, was a TB. Oh well, Breed doesn't count, he just IS the right horse for me.

Last day of vacation today too, have been editing the other half's assignments and finishing mine up . Will be good to finish study and work again. Kinda need the extra cash for horse feed/new shoes (for me)/driving lessons etc etc.

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