Monday, January 4, 2010

A wonderful morning!

So, it's overcast and windy and looks like rain... but I spent all of last night inexplicably sleepless and amused myself by imagining a wonderful ride, cantering along sunny grass verges and grinning from ear to ear as everything was perfect and Harry and I just flowed, balanced and collected, leaping with ease over small obsticles...

I have a wonderful imagination.

Anyway, the result of so many hours of positive thinking was to make me determined to get on and ride today, no matter the weather (a brand new New Years resolution probably helped too) And so I did.

And it was wonderful. Amazing. Harry was keen to get going, so we trotted the first kilometer or so and cantered the nicer patches and for once he didn't decide to stop at the corner and refuse to go forward. The only sad part was that by the end I was sweating profusely and he wasn't even damp! Guess the NewYears resolution about keeping up my weights and regular cycling is going to have to stick too.

I'm already dreaming about tomorrows ride...

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