Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm a slacker, what can I say?

Took Watty out for a ride on Saturday :) had a good time, let Harry have a bit of a graze down the side of the road. He's looking forward to seeing me now, I arrive and he's all, "Hey! Feed me!?" Which is nice, but I know come summer I'll pay for being so lax with him now. He's on baleage and hay and speedi beet and chaff and pellets now. Sadly he's STILL skinny. I don't know how he does it. He is putting on weight now, but not as much as I'd like... hence extensive time grazing the roadsides. Its a good time. I'm going to try riding him in his halter as I'm sure eating through the bit isn't pleasant. As it is, I hang out and try to get the mud off his neck/knees/face etc and he eats. Occasionally we go a good pace along the road to the next nice patch of grass. I'm not yet brave enough to try trotting bareback, though I'm considering it. He has an up and down trot that makes me think bareback might be a little uncomfortable. Or a lot uncomfortable. Ah well. He has a lovely canter to make up for it. Get my bike back from the repair shop this week, so I'll have a little more access to him. It's a long walk to Otatara!

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