Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another beautiful but cold day :) Took harry out for an hour of grazing the long acre beside the road. I sat on his back and relaxed... He ate.

I'm getting a feel for what his feet are doing and how his spine moves and what he's going to do next and he's getting a few extra greens in his largely hay rations.

All in all, a very pleasant afternoon :)

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  1. So I know I'm terribly out of touch with the life and times of Tansy right now, but bring me up to date: who's the new beau? What classes are you taking (in NZ and CA)? And how are you planning on working with horses for a living (and do you have your own?)

    I'll actually only be States-side of the Atlantic for a few weeks before I turn back around. After Tunisia, Mom is meeting me in Morocco for a quick tour of the country, then I have about two weeks before I have to be in Paris (I'm doing a MA in French Lit next year through NYU). I'd love to see you if you end up in Europe, though, even if it's not France...weekend in Germany, Austria, Portugal...